Pipe Spiders and Pipe Rollers

In many infrastructure projects, one or more pipes are installed inside a larger concrete or steel pipe. The installation of the internal pipes is effective as well as efficient with Anchorage Pipe Spiders and Rollers. Thus maintaining concentricity for the life of the pipeline. Manufacture of Pipe Spiders is according to site requirements, and can include the following features;

  • Pipe Rollers in neoprene or steel for easy installation.
  • Top spacers to restrict flotation or movement of internal pipe during operations
  • Galvanized, Stainless Steel or Plain Steel pipe spider construction.
  • Additionally,  rubber lining on the inside of the pipe spider to protect pipe coatings.

Consider the following in Pipe Spider Design.

  • Internal pipe diameter & weight including mass of pipe contents
  • Inside diameter of external pipe
  • Number of internal pipes/conduits requiring support.
  • Length of piping run
  • Qty of rollers or spacers.

Anchorage Pipe Spiders are used in micro tunneling, pipe jacking & also water applications. As well as conduit enclosure in larger pipes. Other applications include heat shields for steam piping, heat exchangers and insulation. Alternatively for the insulation of piping in low temperatures.

Anchorage Pipe Roller

Anchorage Pipe Spiders

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