Moolarben CHPP Water Management Upgrade

  • Project Type:  Dam upgrade on a mine site
  • Client: Robson Civil
  • Location: Hunter Valley
  • Products supplied: Custom pipe Cradle (Mild Steel)
  • Application: To support 1015MM OD DICL Pipe

The pipe was a non-standard size, and needed to be installed quickly and precisely. Being a time sensitive project, Anchorage provided their completed order of custom pipe cradles ahead of D-Day for installation, which was completed without a hitch.

Warrnambool Aeration System Replacement

  • Project Type:  Aeration System
  • Client: Cri-tech Plumbing Services
  • Location: Warrnambool - VIC
  • Products supplied: 3000 custom stainless steel pipe clamps
  • Application: To support and restrain aeration piping.

The clamps were designed with strengthening ribs to provide optimum rigidity
This tooling also meant we could manufacture the custom clamps more cost effectively and in a faster time frame as the project was time critical.

Torrens to Torrens Project

  • Project Type:  Infrastructure (Bridges)
  • Client: McConnell Dowell
  • Location: Adelaide
  • Products supplied: Pipe Hangers with insulating lining and HDG clamps
  • Application: Pipe hangers for water stormwater pipes

Anchorage needed to provide a solution for a pipe hanging application.
A custom pipe size was already in use, which needed to accommodate a rubber insulating liner.
An added challenge was that the cast-in hanging points were already in place.
As a result, the Anchorage team came up with a design which met the engineering, and lead-time requirements.

Belka Pump Station Upgrade

  • Project Type:  Water Supply
  • Client: Guidera O'Connor
  • Location: Wheatbelt (Narembeem)
  • Products supplied: HDG Height Adjustable Pipe Stands (heavy duty steel)
  • Application: Pipe supports for pump station

This project required the supports to be of varying heights, however the exact sizes were unknown.
The unknown factor created some obstacles, nevertheless, Anchorage was able to manufacture height adjustables to suit all the different sizes.


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