Anchorage Wall Mounted Pipe Shoes. Stainless Steel.

Anchorage Vertical Wall mounted Pipe Shoes for the United States

Anchorage Wall Mounted Pipe Shoes are robust pipe supports. Used to secure conduits, as well as pipelines in the vertical plane.

What is a pipe shoe?

Pipe shoes are rigid supports designed to take the pipe and elevate it some distance from the pipe support. Generally used to support heavy or oversize pipelines.

Anchorage Vertical Pipe Shoes, supplied standard with a hot dip galvanized finish.  Including all necessary fasteners.

Anchorage pipe supports are designed and manufactured by Swift Metal Services. We have the ability to produce pipe supports and pipe shoes for special pipe sizes or with varying offset heights,  to suit exact requirements and specifications. We can manufacture these pipe shoes from stainless steel and offer a range of protective coatings including powder-coating and zinc plating as well as the standard hot dip galvanizing.


Anchorage manufactured Wall Mounted Vertical Pipe Shoes to suit 100NB pipe from 304 Stainless Steel. Sent to the United States and used to mount pipelines to the wall.

Anchorage Wall Mounted Vertical Pipe Shoes

Anchorage Wall Mounted Vertical Pipe Shoes
Anchorage Wall Mounted Vertical Pipe Shoes

Anchorage Wall Mounted Vertical Pipe Shoes


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