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Custom Products

Facing unique challenges in your piping systems? Anchorage is here as your custom fabrication partner, specialising in crafting tailored solutions for complex and unusual scenarios, ensuring peak performance in diverse environments.

Why Custom Manufacturing?

Our capability to customize enables us to create pipe supports tailored to any site’s specific conditions and requirements. We recognize that each project is unique, with a wide range of pipe sizes and configurations to address. Offering bespoke pipe support solutions ensures the use of best practices and maintains the integrity of your assets.

With over 240 years of accumulated experience in manufacturing, customer service, and technical advice, our team has extensive exposure to sectors including Mining, Petrochemical, Water, Marine, and Infrastructure. This depth of experience provides us with a robust foundation in custom manufacturing, allowing us to effectively meet diverse and complex project requirements.

Pipe Brackets

Anchorage Custom Pipe Brackets are manufactured for the water, mining & resources, and tunneling sectors. We can assist with design input, and we utilize all materials, including galvanized and stainless steel where maximum corrosion resistance is required. All elements of our standard range can be incorporated, including Teflon sliders and insulating material.

Pipe Hangers

Our Hangers typically incorporate a 2 bolt or 3 bolt pipe clamp, with a selection of supporting components.  A combination of saddle clamps is also an option. Whether you need a simple fixed hanger, or an adjustable hanger with turnbuckles, braces and a custom size clamp, we have the expertise and experience to provide a solution.

Pipe Spiders & Rollers

In many infrastructure projects, one or more pipes are installed inside a larger concrete or steel pipe. The installation of the internal pipes is effective as well as efficient with Anchorage Pipe Spiders. They are commonly used in micro tunneling, pipe jacking and water applications. Other applications include heat shields for steam piping, conduit enclosure, heat exchanges and thermal insulation. 

Height Adjustable Universal Mount

An innovative flat top pipe stand for expansion bellows, valves and tee branches, with 120 mm of vertical adjustment. Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Supports require no welding on site. Applicable where vertical adjustment is required. 

Custom Pipe Clamps

Whether you need to support Stainless Steel, DICL, PE, FRP, or Steel Pipe, or even clamp a series of pipes together, Anchorage can manufacture custom clamps for all sizes, in any material.

Custom Pipe Shoes

Custom pipe shoes are available for all pipe diameters, featuring options for insulation, PTFE sliders, and various lining material for the clamps.  We have produced sizes ranging from as small as 10mm right up to 2m and are always open to new challenges.


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