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Project Spotlights

Welcome to our Project Spotlight page, where real-world challenges meet innovative solutions. Dive into our curated collection of case studies showcasing how our team tackled unique problems across various industries

Sunbury Road Upgrade: Engineering Excellence in Underbridge Pipe Supports

Sunbury Road Upgrade: Engineering Excellence in Underbridge Pipe Supports Introduction Sunbury Road Upgrade, a pivotal project under Victoria’s ambitious Big Build initiative, aims to enhance connectivity and accommodate future growth. The bridge over Jacksons Creek has emerged as a critical component, particularly focusing on underbridge pipe supports for water, power, and communications. The objective extends beyond transportation enhancement, seeking to elevate the overall liveability of the region by fostering improved connections between communities adjacent to Sunbury Road and the Sunbury town centre. The meticulous engineering focuses on ensuring the longevity, resilience, functionality and low-maintenance requirements of essential pipe infrastructure. Engineering Partnerships In the early stages of design, GHD, a leading consulting firm, specified Anchorage for its expertise in proposing suitable products. Anchorage, known for its commitment to quality engineering solutions, collaborated seamlessly with GHD to meet the project’s stringent requirements. Client Collaboration Winslow, the client overseeing the Sunbury Road Upgrade, played a crucial role in steering the project toward success. The collaborative efforts between Winslow, GHD, and Anchorage ensured that the engineering design aligned with the project’s goals, adhering to timelines and budgetary considerations. Innovative Solutions Incorporating Anchorage’s expertise into the project introduced a range of distinctive features and solutions: 316 Stainless Steel Construction: To combat corrosion and ensure an extended design life, all components of the bridge, particularly the hanger assembly, were expertly manufactured using certified 316 stainless steel. This decision enhances the functionality and longevity of the structure in the face of diverse environmental conditions. Axial Movement Mitigation: The hanger assembly incorporated bracing elements to minimize axial movement. This thoughtful design enhances not only the structural integrity of the bridge but also contributes to the overall safety and stability of the vital pipelines. Customized Clamping Solutions: Anchorage’s attention to detail is evident in the customization of clamps to suit prescribed mounting locations in the pre-cast Super-Tee bridge beams. This bespoke approach ensures a seamless integration of components, optimizing both functionality and efficiency, and ensuring perfect fitment on site, where time and resources are limited. The collaborative efforts of GHD, Winslow, and Anchorage in the Sunbury Road Upgrade stands as a testament to the commitment to quality and excellence in engineering, contributing significantly to the success of Victoria’s Big Build initiative

Anchorage’s Pipe Supports: A Crucial Element in the Success of the Rozelle Interchange Tunnel

Anchorage’s Pipe Supports: A Crucial Element in the Success of the Rozelle Interchange Tunnel Introduction The Rozelle interchange project, spanning from 2019 to 2023, marked a significant milestone in Australia’s infrastructure development, particularly with the construction of the most complex tunnel in the nation’s history. Anchorage, a trusted supplier in the tunnelling sector, played an important role in the success of this ambitious project. This case study explores Anchorage’s contribution to the project across the entire construction period from site establishment to commissioning. Anchorage’s Role in Site Establishment Anchorage’s involvement in the project commenced during the site establishment stage. As a long-term supplier to the tunnelling sector, Anchorage provided customised solutions for temporary services, including water supply, ventilation, and hydraulics. This early engagement demonstrated Anchorage’s commitment to supporting the project comprehensively from the outset. Adaptable Solutions for Various Stages Throughout the project’s lifecycle, Anchorage consistently adapted to the evolving needs. The company supplied thousands of clamps for stormwater drainage piping and fire services across different phases. The versatility of Anchorage’s products, particularly the AG631 and AG632 pipe supports, proved essential in accommodating the diverse requirements of both the head contractor and multiple subcontractors, saving many weeks of fabrication time, where a standardised support could be used in place of a traditionally fabricated support. When there was a need for a completely bespoke solution, Anchorage’s experience and ability to assist in the design and manufacture of customised solutions meant that both the subcontractor and the head contractor could have the confidence, and flexibility that is imperative on a project of this complexity. Height Adjustable Supports Anchorage’s height adjustable supports emerged as a game-changer, offering a practical and efficient solution for the dynamic conditions of underground installations. These supports were extensively used, providing flexibility in varying heights and eliminating the need for protracted processes such as site measurement, fabrication, galvanisation, and installation. The ability to order standard items instead of bespoke fabrications streamlined the entire process, contributing to time and cost savings. Endorsement from Project Stakeholders The John Holland CPB Joint venture, as the head contractor, and various subcontractors including ARA Infrastructure and Quickway Constructions actively chose Anchorage’s adjustable supports based on previous positive experiences with the company’s products. The ease of installation, speed, and adaptability of Anchorage’s pipe supports were recognised and appreciated. Additionally, the fire systems designer specified Anchorage’s products, highlighting the trust and confidence in the brand’s reliability. Anchorage’s supply of pipe supports played a crucial role in the success of the Rozelle interchange. The company’s commitment to providing adaptable, high-quality solutions contributed to the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall success of this groundbreaking tunnelling endeavour. This case study stands as a testament to Anchorage’s unwavering dedication to excellence in the infrastructure tunnelling sector.

Water Treatment Plant Cecil Hills, Sydney, NSW

Water Treatment Plant Cecil Hills, Sydney, NSW Anchorage played a crucial role in the recent sewage treatment plant upgrade at Cecil Hills, as part of Sydney Water’s ongoing refurbishment program in Western Sydney.We provided several large heavy-duty DN1200 stainless steel height adjustable cradle supports (a standard product in our range) designed to support a massive Ø1220 pipe. These supports are specifically engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring long-term stability and reliability.By supplying these supports to Comdain Infrastructure, Anchorage enabled the site teams to install the pipe swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, the adjustable feature of the supports allows for future adjustments to accommodate any slab settlement, ensuring continued functionality and structural integrity over time.This collaboration between Anchorage and Comdain Infrastructure demonstrates a commitment to innovation and excellence in infrastructure development, contributing to the improvement of sewage treatment facilities in the region.

Innovative Solutions in Action: The Ballarat Pipeline Replacement Project

Innovative Solutions in Action: The Ballarat Pipeline Replacement Project Collaboration is an important part of the construction and engineering industries, creating opportunities for innovation to tackle complex situations. The Ballarat Pipeline Replacement job exemplifies this ethos perfectly and shows Anchorage’s commitment to design and supply advanced solutions in partnership with collaborators like Jacobs and Diona.  Project Overview The Ballarat Pipeline Replacement project is a significant undertaking aimed at enhancing the sewer infrastructure for Central Highlands Water. This initiative underscores the importance of robust infrastructure in supporting growing communities and ensuring reliable water management. Working alongside Jacobs and Diona, Anchorage has contributed to this vital project by supplying specially fabricated pipe shoes designed to address unique site-specific requirements. Innovative Solutions One of the standout features of this project is the unique design of the specially fabricated pipe shoes. These components were developed to meet the specific needs of the Ballarat Sewer Build. Here’s how these pipe shoes enhance the project: Support for Pipe Joints  The pipe shoes are engineered to provide support on either side of the pipe joint. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and stability of the pipeline. Accommodating Movement  The Steelmains MSCL Sintakote pipe joins with a rubber ring joint (RRJ), allowing for slight movement due to changes in ambient temperature. The pipe shoes feature a split cradle design that accommodates the RRJ bell mouth, ensuring smooth movement. Minimising Visual Impact  In addition to their functional benefits, the pipe shoes are designed to blend seamlessly with the existing infrastructure, minimising their visual impact. Collaborative Efforts This project is a testament to the strong, long-term partnership between Anchorage and Diona. Our collaboration has spanned several projects across South Australia, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, and Queensland. Each project has presented unique challenges, requiring tailored solutions and a problem-solving mindset. In the Ballarat Pipeline Replacement project, this collaborative spirit has been pivotal. Working together, we have developed solutions that not only meet technical requirements but also consider aesthetic and environmental factors. This synergy between Anchorage, Jacobs and Diona ensures that we can effectively address complex site-specific issues and deliver successful outcomes. Stay Tuned for Updates As the Ballarat Pipeline Replacement project progresses, we will continue to provide updates on its development and completion. This project is an example of how innovative engineering and strong partnerships can lead to new solutions in infrastructure development. For more detailed information about the project, visit the Central Highlands Water website. Contact Us Are you interested in learning more about our products or discussing a similar project? Contact Us today to explore how we can support your infrastructure needs. Whether you’re dealing with complex site-specific issues or looking for cutting-edge engineering solutions, our team is ready to assist. Stay tuned for further updates on the Ballarat Pipeline Replacement project and other exciting initiatives by Anchorage. 


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