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Custom Manufacturing

Among many specialties, Anchorage prides itself in providing custom solutions through our Australian manufacturer arm, Swift Metal. 
Due to our extensive knowledge in component manufacturing and metalworking, we have the ability to manufacture custom pipe supports to any site conditions and requirements. 

Standard Pipe Supports

Anchorage is one of the fastest and most convenient Australian manufacturers of pipe supports in Australia. While we specialize in custom manufacturing we also offer an extensive range of standard pipe supports and components. In order to offer the best solution to our clients, we have created a list of stocked standard items, that can be shipped the next day. 

Component Design

With decades of experience, those lines, numbers and shapes called projects became easy to understand and thus so to modify, to improve and to help. In order for us to offer the best advice possible when it comes to component design we rely in our team’s expertise and our design engineer partner’s to make it happen.

Why Us

Anchorage is an Australian Manufacturer and because of that it brings to the table an ease or ordering pipe supports with better lead time, faster shipment, reliability, quality assurance and more. 
Being backed by our mother company Swift Metal, experience and knowledge is a common denominator in our work culture.

Download our catalogue or contact us to discuss your requirements

Download our catalogue or contact us now to discuss your requirements