Anchorage Double Compact Pipe Shoes – A Case Study

The Anchorage Compact Pipe Shoe is a robust double pipe support, offering support in slider applications. This is also available in a fixed configuration with bolt holes. These Double Pipe Shoes are the best solution when longitudinal expansion or adjustment of the pipework may occur.

For a pump station in South Australia, the water management company was looking for suitable supports for a pump station application.  The client supplied us with the below photo, indicating they needed a strong support to replace the temporary bricks holding up the pipe spool.

Pump Station Needing Anchorage Pipe Supports

Therefore we supplied them with a custom version of the Anchorage Compact Pipe Shoe Double. Manufactured to suit the required ground clearance as well as the standard pipe size. In addition, at the customer’s request the heavy duty supports were powder coated blue to match the pumps.

 Anchorage Compact Pipe Shoe. In use at a pumpstation in SA

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