Anchorage Double Pipe Supports & Double Pipe Saddles

Anchorage Double Pipe Saddle
Anchorage Double Pipe Saddle

Anchorage Group designers continue to “think outside the square” with their custom range of Double Pipe SupportsAnchorage Double Pipe Saddles hold two pipes, one on top of the other in a self-supporting configuration where the high strength saddles become an integral part of the pipe support – Without the need for a separate pipe or RHS mounting.

The attached photo shows a custom Double Pipe Saddle to support150NB pipe in the bottom saddle and 100NB conduit in the top. These pipe supports had a powder-coated finish and were used in a tunnel project in Sydney. The spacer between the twin saddles was calculated to allow clearance for Victaulic couplings on the lower pipe.

Anchorage Double Pipe Saddles provide mechanical, civil and hydraulic engineers with significant advantages including:

  • Speed of piping installation as there is only one (1) baseplate for two pipes or conduits.
  • Compact configuration with minimal footprint.
  • Installation cost savings as there is literally half as many pipe supports required.
  • Neat, aesthetically pleasing piping layout.
  • Cost-effective as a separate pipe or RHS mounting is no longer required.

Anchorage Group manufacture Double Pipe Supports in mild steel and stainless steel, with galvanized, wet spray and powdercoated finishes available.

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