Anchorage In Antarctica

Anchorage delivers its product to AntarcticaThe Anchorage Group is Crossing Oceans

We have recently added the coldest place on the planet as another destination for our products! We were approached by one of the leading geological organisations in Australia to manufacture a custom-made restraint for a series of large weather monitoring arrays that were being installed in Antarctica.

Due to the extremely remote of the location, these restraints had to be 100% fail-safe, and very easy to install. The result was a simple large staple which anchored the instrumentation close to the ground, allowing it to accurately measure minute changes in air pressure. For durability, we manufactured these restraints from 316 Stainless Steel which also had the least potential impact on the fragile local environment.

Aside from a durable and user-friendly design, the other critical factor was delivery time as there is a narrow window of opportunity to travel to Antarctica, and it was critical that these items were delivered to our client on time, so it could leave with the supply ship and arrive in Antarctica around summer time.

Pipe supports

Antarctica is a fascinating continent… 

  • That the lowest temperature recorded
    is -93.2°C, and the highest temperature is +14.5°C!
  • That it is the largest desert on the planet,
    yet is storing 90% of the worlds fresh water.
  • There are massive freshwater lakes, rivers and
    mountains, all covered in up to 2000 meters of ice!