Anchorage Recognized by Australian Made Campaign

Authentically Australian

As a proud Australian manufacturer, Anchorage, in conjunction with our parent company Swift Metal Services has been a great supporter of the Australian industry. Our pipe supports have helped hundreds of businesses across nearly every industry sector in the nation. Our effort in supporting local manufacturing has now been officially recognized by the Australian Made Campaigns Limited (AMCL).  

As an Australian Made & Australian Owned company, having AMCL accreditation validates our long-held belief that the Australian manufacturing industry can be a formidable player in support of Australian infrastructure and industry. The induction to the Australian Made campaign is an affirmation that our pipe supports are authentic and manufactured in house to the required industry standards. 


Australian market dynamics keep evolving, and so do business operations, as confirmed by the events and challenges of 2020 & 2021. As an AMCL recognized manufacturer, we aim to enhance the flexibility of local businesses. The Australian Made campaign guarantees visibility of supply chains allowing local companies to plan operations efficiently at lower costs. Supporters of this campaign can benefit from optimizing delivery times, which helps improve many facets of business operations, including cash flow, working capital, and the ability complete projects faster.  The Auditing process for AMCL accreditation is comprehensive, and is designed to give our customers the assurance that they are dealing with a reputable company that is genuinely Australian, and verifies that the products are not manufactured under forced labour, child labour or unpaid labour, as is so often the risk with products manufactured overseas. The AMCL logo is also the ultimate indication that the products are manufactured through safe and sustainable processes compliant with statutory and environmental regulations.

Anchorage is proud to receive recognition from Australian Made Campaign Limited. We will remain committed to our mission, working closely with all our partners to deliver the right solutions.