Anchorage Supplies Critical Pipe Hanging Systems for T2T Project

Anchorage Custom Pipe Hanger Supports

As part of the Torrens to Torrens project in Adelaide, the Anchorage Group needed to provide a solution for a pipe hanging application. A custom pipe size was in use, which needed to accommodate a rubber insulating liner. An added challenge was that the cast-in hanging points were already in place. Therefore, the hanger assembly had to be able to utilize these pre-existing points.

As a result, the Anchorage technical team came up with a design which met the engineering and lead-time requirements of the customer. The customization of the Anchorage Pipe Hangers included all the requirements of the project, including; insulating lining, non-standard hanging points, and non-standard pipe diameter. The saddles were hot dip galvanized to maximize the life-cycle of the supports and reduce the risk of corrosion.

A Pipe Hanger is an element, for use suspending pipe work from a supporting structure. A pipe hanger uses clamps, cradles or U-bolts, to support the pipe, depending on the application. The load includes; the weight of the pipe, all that the pipe carries, the pipe fittings & any pipe covering, such as insulating rubber.

Anchorage Pipe Hangers and Duct-work supports can be from mild or stainless steels. They can also be provided with a hot dip galvanized, powder-coated or zinc plated finish. In temporary supporting situations, Anchorage supplies the pipe supports raw. This has an effect on lead-times, as well as the overall cost of the parts. In addition, all Anchorage supports are fully adaptable to suit any application.

Anchorage Custom Pipe Hanger

Anchorage Custom Pipe Hanger

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