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Anchorage’s Pipe Supports: A Crucial Element in the Success of the Rozelle Interchange Tunnel

  • Location

    Rozelle Interchange Tunnel, Sydney, NSW

  • Client

    CPB/John Holland joint venture, and supporting subcontractors

  • Industry

    Infrastructure construction industry, focusing on tunnelling

  • Products used

    AG631, AG632 and other custom parts


The Rozelle interchange project, spanning from 2019 to 2023, marked a significant milestone in Australia’s infrastructure development, particularly with the construction of the most complex tunnel in the nation’s history. Anchorage, a trusted supplier in the tunnelling sector, played an important role in the success of this ambitious project. This case study explores Anchorage’s contribution to the project across the entire construction period from site establishment to commissioning.

Anchorage’s Role in Site Establishment

Anchorage’s involvement in the project commenced during the site establishment stage. As a long-term supplier to the tunnelling sector, Anchorage provided customised solutions for temporary services, including water supply, ventilation, and hydraulics. This early engagement demonstrated Anchorage’s commitment to supporting the project comprehensively from the outset.

Adaptable Solutions for Various Stages

Throughout the project’s lifecycle, Anchorage consistently adapted to the evolving needs. The company supplied thousands of clamps for stormwater drainage piping and fire services across different phases. The versatility of Anchorage’s products, particularly the AG631 and AG632 pipe supports, proved essential in accommodating the diverse requirements of both the head contractor and multiple subcontractors, saving many weeks of fabrication time, where a standardised support could be used in place of a traditionally fabricated support. When there was a need for a completely bespoke solution, Anchorage’s experience and ability to assist in the design and manufacture of customised solutions meant that both the subcontractor and the head contractor could have the confidence, and flexibility that is imperative on a project of this complexity.

Height Adjustable Supports

Anchorage’s height adjustable supports emerged as a game-changer, offering a practical and efficient solution for the dynamic conditions of underground installations. These supports were extensively used, providing flexibility in varying heights and eliminating the need for protracted processes such as site measurement, fabrication, galvanisation, and installation. The ability to order standard items instead of bespoke fabrications streamlined the entire process, contributing to time and cost savings.

Endorsement from Project Stakeholders

The John Holland CPB Joint venture, as the head contractor, and various subcontractors including ARA Infrastructure and Quickway Constructions actively chose Anchorage’s adjustable supports based on previous positive experiences with the company’s products. The ease of installation, speed, and adaptability of Anchorage’s pipe supports were recognised and appreciated. Additionally, the fire systems designer specified Anchorage’s products, highlighting the trust and confidence in the brand’s reliability.

Anchorage’s supply of pipe supports played a crucial role in the success of the Rozelle interchange. The company’s commitment to providing adaptable, high-quality solutions contributed to the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall success of this groundbreaking tunnelling endeavour. This case study stands as a testament to Anchorage’s unwavering dedication to excellence in the infrastructure tunnelling sector.

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