Block Pipe Clamps

Anchorage Releases New Block Pipe Clamps!

Anchorage Block Pipe Clamps 2

Australia’s leading manufacturer of Pipe Clamps and Supports, Anchorage Group, have developed a range of Block Pipe Clamps for the Australian market. Block Pipe Clamps consist of 2 shaped pieces (typically polyethylene) to mold around the pipe, hose or hydraulic line being clamped. These polyethylene blocks are clamped between a rectangular top and bottom flange typically made from steel or stainless steel.

Block Pipe Clamps are sometimes referred to as “LEGO – type” pipe clamps as they can be built on “block by block” offering a neat compact and aesthetically pleasing installation that can be added to: 2 wide by 4 high or 3 wide by 3 high etc.

Some of the advantages of using Anchorage Block Pipe Clamps include:

  • Modular configuration allows unsurpassed flexibility to add or change pipe clamp arrangement.
  • Secure clamping of the pipe, hose or pneumatic line to avoid abrasion or movement.
  • No welding on site – Easy to assemble during pipeline installation.
  • Minimizes mechanical straining of hydraulic or pneumatic hoses under pressure.
  • Provides added protection and potential damage to other components in a worst case scenario where a line or hose ruptures or bursts.
  • Anchorage Smooth Bore Block Pipe Clamps virtually eliminate wear and tear on the outer hose cover.
  • Compatible with most common pipe sizes, tube diameters and hose types.

Anchorage Group manufacture the modular Block Pipe Clamps to order with sizes to suit 15NB through to 400NB pipes. Minimum order quantities range from 50 clamps, for the pipe diameters up to 100mm and 20 clamps for the larger diameters. The pipe clamping blocks can be made from all types of readily available plastics to suit corrosive, hygienic or high temperature environments.

For more information or to discuss your application for modular pipe clamps, please call the Pipe Clamp Experts: 1800 899 480 (Int: +61 2 6969 2345)