Case Study: Anchorage Group provides a permanent solution for leaking joints.

The Problem :

Our customer called with a serious need. Some of the valve assemblies on their clients’ riser stations in remote Queensland had started to sag, causing leakage around the flanges!

Due to the remote locations and site conditions, the requirement called for a pipe support that could be retrofitted on site, with minimal tools or machinery, and no welding or hot work.

The Solution :

Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stands. 

Anchorage supplied Height Adjustable Pipe Stands with a custom extra-long base plate to ensure that any holes could be drilled outside the diameter of the pipe. These Australian designed and manufactured Pipe Stands were supplied in 304 Stainless Steel material to withstand the harsh environment.

Anchorage Adjustable Pipe Stands

The problem was solved. The customer advised we had solved their problem, the stands were working extremely well and their client was very happy. 

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