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Constant-Load Spring Supports: A Crucial Component in Heavy Industry

In larger and more volatile industries and operations, every component, no matter how small or large, has greater significance. One such component that is integral to such is the constant-load spring support. The intricacies of this component was recently showcased in a notable project for South32 – a lithium mine in Western Australia.

Purpose & Function of Constant-load Spring Supports

Let’s first establish what these supports are designed to do. In essence, the constant-load spring supports are mechanical devices that support massive equipment, ensuring they remain steady and secure, regardless of any movements or vibrations that might occur.

In the specific case of the South32 project, these supports were assigned to uphold a large inlet duct for an electrostatic precipitator.

If you’re unfamiliar with electrostatic precipitators, they are key players in removing fine particles and impurities from gas streams.

In the lithium refining process, where purity is paramount, such a device is indispensable.

However, one of the challenges with such vast and massive equipment is the thermal differential. As equipment heats up or cools down, it expands or contracts, leading to movement. For the inlet duct in this scenario, it can move as much as 110mm (4.33“). Here’s where our constant-load spring supports become imperative. Their role is to efficiently allow this considerable duct movement while ensuring the duct remains adequately supported throughout its entire range of vertical travel. Consequently, other components like connections, flanges, brackets and supports aren’t burdened with undue loads.

Specifications & Features

Given the nature of their job, these supports are no lightweight components. Built robustly to suit heavy industries, the spring supports for this project weighed some 130kg (287lb) each. They are designed for a total travel of 110mm (4.33“) and are impressively rated at almost 21 kN of safety holding per unit.

Moreover, understanding the harsh operating and environmental conditions of WA, these supports are galvanised, ensuring longevity and resistance against elemental corrosion and other factors that may lead to degradation.

Depicting the scale of both the project & components. To the right of the spring supports is a worker for size reference.
Photo: © South32

Timely Delivery & Service

In the ever-evolving and fast-paced world of industry, time is of the essence. The constant-load spring supports for the South32 project were not only manufactured to specific requirements but were also delivered within a stringent lead time, showcasing our commitment to quality and timelines.

We appreciate and value the opportunity to continually support South32 in their diverse operations and projects across the APAC region. It’s partnerships like these that continue to influence the development of our product range and our ability to create bespoke components that effectively manage the challenging demands of heavy industry.

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