Double-Clamped Pipe Shoes

The Solution to Stability & Integrity

Pipe shoes are essential to the integrity of a piping system. Application, load and structural requirements will determine your selection of pipe shoes, and whether you should opt for double-clamped shoes over the single-clamped variety. These are some of the main advantages of double-clamped pipe shoes over single-clamped shoes, including a situational example:

The main advantage of double-clamped pipe shoes over a single-clamped shoe lies in its enhanced stability, load-bearing capacity, and ability to move in a prescribed direction where thermal or mechanical movement is present. This advantage becomes particularly apparent in situations that involve high pressure, or in heavy-duty applications and complex piping systems.

One of the key benefits of double-clamped pipe shoes is their ability to provide superior support and protection for piping systems. The double-clamping mechanism ensures a more secure grip on the pipe, and a longer base allows for extra movement and higher load. These features are crucial in scenarios where the pipe is subjected to external forces such as fluid flow, thermal expansion, or seismic activity.

Anchorage Compact Pipe Shoe. In use at a pumpstation in SA

Let's consider a scenario to illustrate the advantage of double-clamped pipe shoes:

Consider a petrochemical plant that operates a high-pressure fluid transmission pipeline.

This pipeline carries volatile substances over long distances, and any failure or disruption in the system can have severe consequences.

In this case, double-clamped pipe shoes offer several advantages:

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1. Enhanced Stability: The double-clamping mechanism of the shoe provides a more secure grip on the pipe, minimising the risk of movement or vibration. This stability ensures that the pipeline remains intact and maintains its structural integrity even under high-pressure conditions.

A larger base allows increases stability, where axial movement is present. Depending on the application, it may be desirable to incorporate a sliding mechanism to allow for smooth movement.

2. Improved System Integrity: By providing secure and balanced support, double-clamped pipe shoes enhance the overall integrity of the piping system. They minimise the risk of pipe damage, leaks, or failures, which can result in costly downtime, environmental hazards, or safety risks.

3. Load Distribution: The dual-clamping design distributes the load more evenly along the length of the pipe shoes. This feature helps alleviate stress concentrations, reducing the risk of the pipe sagging, bending, or failing completely. The distributed load-bearing capacity of the double-clamped pipe shoe is particularly beneficial for long-span or large-diameter pipelines where the weight of the fluid or other external forces can exert significant pressure on the pipe.

4. Flexibility & Adjustability: The double-clamping arrangement allows for fine-tuning of the clamping pressure to accommodate different pipe sizes and materials. This adaptability is advantageous in complex piping systems that may include sections with varying pipe sizes or wall thicknesses. The ability to adjust the clamping pressure ensures that each pipe is properly secured, irrespective of its specific dimensions.

In this situation, the petrochemical plant greatly benefits from the use of double-clamped pipe shoes in their pipeline. The enhanced stability, load distribution, and adaptability of double-clamped pipe shoes would ensure that the pipeline remains secure, withstands external forces, and maintains its structural integrity even under challenging conditions.

Overall, the main advantage of double-clamped pipe shoes is their ability to provide superior support, stability, and load-bearing capacity. They offer enhanced protection for piping systems, especially in situations involving high-pressure or heavy-duty applications. Additionally, their versatility and adaptability make them suitable for complex piping systems with varying pipe sizes and materials. By utilising double-clamped pipe shoes, designers and plant owners can minimise the risk of pipe failure, increase system reliability, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of their pipelines for years to come.

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