Most frequent questions and answers

Anchorage is a brand that belongs to our manufacturing company Swift Metal Services. If the names confuses you, don’t worry, it’s still the same company.

We do export our pipe supports, delivering to clients as far afield as Antarctica and Uzbekistan, however our main focus is in servicing clients in Australia.

Slide plates are flat pipe supports that reduce friction between heavy structures and surfaces. They’re especially useful when installed under pipes where movement is expected due to thermal or mechanical movement.

We use a safety factor on all our standard pipe supports of 30%.

This varies with each job. We can often ship stocked items within 24 hours. Supports that require manufacturing will typically be 10-25 working days, depending on complexity. Please talk to our team for an estimate on timeframes

No Problem. As Australia’s leading manufacturer of pipe supports, we can help with both standard, and bespoke requirements.

Swift Metal Services is the manufacturer and parent company to Anchorage.

Our manufacturing facility is located in regional New South Wales, Australia. We ship all over the country and the APAC region.

Yes, we can manufacture pipe supports to any site conditions and requirements. As a manufacturer, we are not limited to a standard range, and custom solutions are regularly supplied.

Anchorframe is our newest range of modular framing system., which can be used as a standalone structure or incorporated with our Anchorage Pipe Supports.

Yes. Whilst galvanised carbon steel is common, we regularly manufacture supports from stainless steel, plastics and even aluminium in some cases.

Our team has decades of accumulated experience, and regularly assists designers and contractors in creating a bespoke solution for site-specific applications. 

We ship to all corners of Australia.

Is how the wall thickness of a pipe is described. It is not an actual measurement, but a guide number based on a wall thickness formula.
Read more about pipe schedules here.

Our spring hangers are manufactured in the UK. Anchorage is the approved distributor for QPS. 

A clevis clamp should be used only when you don’t need the pipe to be held in place during movement.

A riser clamp is a pipe clamp for the support of vertical pipelines, which helps in distributing the load to the remainder of the pipe hanger assembly. The pipe weight is transferred to the clamp via shear lugs, not via friction.

Pipe guides are designed to retain the pipe  in place while permitting a degree of deflection in vertical, lateral and axial directions. Whereas, clamps are intended to restrict any movement.

In general, most adjustable pipe supports are designed to compensate for any discrepancies between the design specifications and actual site conditions. Additionally, they can be used for situations where only rough estimates of pipe orientation and or surrounding elements are given.