Height Adjustable – Universal Mount

An innovative flat top pipe stand for expansion bellows, valves and tee branches, with 120mm of vertical adjustment. Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Supports require no welding on site.

Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stand Universal MountMATERIAL

Galvanized steel pipe stand with mounting plate for pumps or valves with height adjusting nut. Anchorage Height Adjustable Universal Mount Pipe Stands, supplied with welded base-plate, together with the stanchion. Powder-coated finish or Stainless Steel construction is also available for enhanced corrosion resistance.


Stanchion type adjustable support for mounting valves or pumps where vertical adjustment is required. Applications for these Australian-Made pipe stands include; Oil & Gas, Water and Irrigation, as well as Mining.


Turning the nut provides the adjustment to raise or lower the platform. In addition, chemical anchor sets and pipe stand hold-down bolts are optional. No cutting or welding of the pipe stand is necessary to change the pipe elevation.


Specify  “H” dimension (mounting plate height from ground), description and finish. View standard sizing graph HERE:  In addition, To Specify this product use part number AN-HAUM followed by the required mounting plate size. So, do you have a pump support or particular valve support, that needs height adjustment? – Call the pipe support experts: 1800 899 480.  Or Email: sales@anchoragegroup.com.au

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