Anchorframe Modular Pipe Supports For Oil and Gas

Modular pipe supports are popular and crucial for constructing pipelines in process plants. The primary role of modular steel frames and accessories is to provide adequate support to heavy process pipes. Modular supports are also perfect for building maintenance access utilities such as walkways and staircases.

Modular steel structures are available in different sizes and designs to suit the requirements of diverse oil and gas applications. They are easy to install, durable and retrofittable in existing projects. Petrochemical pipelines handle viscous, corrosive and heavy fluids. The resultant loads on the oil and gas pipes require strong pipe supports.

What sets Anchorfame Modular Supports Apart?

Anchorframe supports are beneficial in different applications in oil and gas pipelines. They are designed to endure harsh and extreme petrochemical environments. These lightweight designs are easy to work with and have superior load-bearing capacities.

Some oil and gas pipelines are provisional, and field operations teams need to set up temporary structures fast and relocate them within a short time. Under traditional construction methods, relocations and frame installations can take several weeks. However, with Anchorframe pipe supports, engineers can assemble fully-functional pipelines and civil structures in a fraction of the time.

As a standard practice, Anchorframe supports are treated using hot-dipped galvanization to increase corrosion resistance and enhance performance. The modular fittings, brackets and beam clamps have compatible surface coatings.
The assembly methods for Anchorframe eliminate complex processes like welding and drilling compared to other assembly methods that are time-consuming and require partial process shutdown. Adopting modular steel supports in oil and gas means that companies can retrofit pipe sections faster without suffering the dire consequences of extended downtime.

Save Time & Money With Anchorframe Modular Supports

Modular steel structures offer massive potential in the oil and gas sector. Their affordability, ease of installation and excellent load-bearing capacities make them suitable for constructing temporary and permanent piping structures and maintenance access points. Anchorframe has a wide range of modular pipe supports bearing diverse dimensions and designs that will fit different oil and gas applications.