Pipe Clamps: Two Bolts or Three?

The Advantages of 3-Bolt Pipe Clamps over 2-Bolt Pipe Clamps

Choosing the right pipe clamp for your project is absolutely essential. 

Beyond its size and compatibility, the integrity and application of pipe clamps is crucial to a project’s long-term success.

While both two-bolt pipe clamps and three-bolt clamps serve the purpose of providing stability and support, there are distinct advantages to using three-bolt pipe clamps. From their ease of use to their resilience and reliability, three-bolt pipe clamps are vastly superior, particularly in more challenging and critical situations involving high-flow or volatile materials.

These are the five most profound benefits of three-bolt clamps and why, in many scenarios, they are the superior choice:

1. Enhanced Stability & Load Distribution of 3-Bolt Pipe Clamps

One of the primary advantages of three-bolt clamps is their improved stability and load distribution. By incorporating an additional bolt into the design, these pipe clamps offer a higher degree of rigidity, ensuring that the pipe or tube remains securely fastened even under significant pressure or vibration, eliminating the chance of failure and minimising torque and twisting.

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The extra bolt provides increased support, reducing the risk of pipe movement, slippage, or damage. This stability is particularly advantageous in applications where maintaining precise alignment is crucial, such as in plumbing, HVAC systems, or industrial piping.

2. Superior Alignment & Adjustability

Another key benefit of three-bolt pipe clamps is their enhanced alignment and adjustability features. The additional bolt allows for more precise alignment of the clamp, ensuring proper positioning of the pipe or tube. This is especially important when dealing with complex or irregularly-shaped piping systems.


Moreover, three-bolt pipe clamps often offer more flexibility in terms of adjustment. The third bolt provides an extra point of control, enabling users to fine-tune the position of the pipe or tube as needed. This adjustability makes installation and maintenance tasks easier, saving both time and effort in the long run and minimising the need for ongoing repairs, maintenance and upgrades.

3. Increased Resistance to Vibrations & Shock

In many industrial and mechanical applications, pipes and tubes are subjected to constant vibrations and shocks. Three-bolt pipe clamps excel in such environments, as they provide a higher level of resistance compared to their two-bolt counterparts. The additional bolt helps distribute the vibrations and shocks more evenly, reducing stress concentration points and minimising the risk of pipe movement, detachment or failure. This increased resistance to vibrations is particularly valuable in industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing, where maintaining structural integrity is paramount.

4. Enhanced Safety & Reliability

When it comes to pipe clamps, safety and reliability are paramount concerns. The use of three-bolt pipe clamps contributes to both aspects. The extra bolt in the design provides an added layer of safety, reducing the likelihood of accidents, leaks or pipe failure due to inadequate support. The improved stability and load distribution of three-bolt clamps also minimise the risk of pipe damage or fatigue over time, ensuring long-term reliability and durability.

5. Wide Range of Applications

Three-bolt pipe clamps are incredibly versatile, with applications across various industries due to their adaptability. From residential plumbing to heavy-duty industrial installations, they can accommodate a wide range of pipe and tube sizes, making them suitable for diverse applications. This adaptability makes three-bolt pipe clamps the best choice for contractors, engineers, and maintenance personnel working in a wide range of different fields.

While two-bolt pipe clamps serve their purpose well in certain situations, the advantages of using three-bolt clamps make them a preferred choice in many applications. Their enhanced stability, alignment, adjustability, resistance to vibrations, and overall safety and reliability set them apart. When selecting pipe clamps for your project, considering the benefits of three-bolt clamps can lead to improved performance, reduced upkeep, and increased long-term success and endurance.

By selecting Anchorage’s three-bolt pipe clamp system for your next, you will receive all of these benefits, ultimately saving time, money and the need for ongoing maintenance.

Talk to an Anchorage staff member today about how three-bolt pipe clamps might be the best choice for your next project.

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