Pipe Hangers

Anchorage Pipe Hangers

Anchorage Pipe Hangers and Duct-work Hangers, manufactured to site specifications. Our Hangers can incorporate a U-Bolt or Saddle to retain piping. A combination of saddle clamps is also an option, depending on the application. Anchorage produces a large number of Galvanized Pipe Hangers. However, we can also manufacture from stainless steel. Anchorage Magnetic Hangers and Hooks are a common solution on building sites and mines. Used to keep pneumatic hoses and pipes up away from work areas and floors. Not only do the pipe and hose hangers improve safety they also protects pipes and hoses from cuts and abrasions. Additionally the innovative ‘Piggyback’ Saddles include a conduit clamp bolted to a standard pipe saddle. These have been used on natural gas pipelines where a conduit is attached to the top of the pipeline for signalling and valve operation.


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