Pipe Stands For The Belka Pump Station Upgrade.

Early last year the West Australian government announced that they were funding the installation of a 12.5km underground pipeline and new pump station in the Wheatbelt.

The work in the Narembeem to install the new underground pipeline will replace the existing above ground pipeline. As part of this update the Water Corporation also constructed 2km of underground pipeline for Wadderin farmlands. WA Water Minister, Mia Davies, indicated that the stand-alone pipe means the water will no longer have to travel through the town. Therefore losing pressure along the way.

This also includes the installation of a new pump station in the West Narembeem as well as an upgrade to the existing Belka pump station. To provide a more secure supply of water to customers.

The community benefit from these upgrades includes:
  • Improve reliability of water supply to the shire
  • Improve water quality.
  • Prevent high water temperatures from cold water taps.
  • Provide consistent water pressure to customers.

As part of the upgrade, there was a requirement for the supply of Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stands of varying heights; From 450mm up to 1200mm high.

Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stand Cradle Mount Pump Station Upgrade

These were all fabricated from heavy duty steels and hot dip galvanised. This was to maximize their longevity and withstand the exposure as well as the harsh climatic conditions. The stands included pipe Cradle Mounts, to suit pipe sizes varying from 150NB up to 250NB.

Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stand Cradle Mount Pump Station Upgrade

Finally, all Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stands come with heavy duty base plates complete with mounting holes. The stands all allowed for up to 120mm of longitudinal adjustment.

Anchorage Height Adjustable Pipe Stand Cradle Mount Pump Station Upgrade

This project is in addition to the $32million farmlands water supply project, which is aimed at significantly improving the water and farmlands supply schemes in the Wheatbelt area.

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