Pipe Stands, Adjustable Pipe Stands

World class pipe stands and pipe supports for your world class infrastructure project

When it comes to building and construction, you just cannot afford to ignore quality. Truly, quality and products built to specification, are the most important considerations that need to be maintained at all levels to ensure that the result is the best possible. That is why we are the company to depend on when it comes to pipe stands and other kinds of piping supports for your infrastructure project. Whether you are a civil engineer, pipeline constructor, builder or an engineer, with us to support you, you can be assured that your project will achieve the highest standards possible.

A new generation of pipe stands and supports

We at Anchorage Pipe and Conduit Supports are the manufacturer of choice for high-quality adjustable pipe stands in Australia. We are well-known all over the country for the quality of products we produce as well as renowned customer service. Through every step of the way, from knowing about exactly what your needs are and what kind of project you have in mind, to manufacturing customised solutions to meet your specific requirements, we make sure that you are satisfied. That is the reason why we have been employed by so many of Australia’s biggest construction companies to manufacture pipe supports and structural brackets to exact standards and specifications. We have been in charge of some of the most prestigious infrastructure projects, both above the ground and below and both in the country and out of it.

A look at our products

It is Swift Metal Services which has been involved in the manufacturing process while we at Anchorage Pipe and Conduit Supports have developed a range to suit standard configurations and specifications. Standard specifications ensure ease of selection for most infrastructure projects. Of course, Swift still continues to manufacture and take orders for exact and unique requirements and configurations.

Let us help

If you need a means of supporting conduits, tubes and pipes, we offer the easiest and most convenient method of doing so. Our vast array of products to choose from will ensure that your project goes off as smoothly as possible. Customisation is something we are great at. Not only can you ask for customisation in configurations, but also request pipe stands and supports to suit ceiling, wall or floor mounting. You can also request that we manufacture pipe supports, saddles and U-Bolts using corrosion-preventing materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Give us a call at our phone number 1800 899 480 for free if you are looking for adjustable pipe stands or want to enquire about any of our other products. You can also email us at [email protected] for a complete catalogue of our products.