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APA to develop Crib Point to Pakenham Pipeline

Pipeline Project

As a result of entering into an Early Works Agreement with AGL, APA is undertaking investigations into the construction of a high pressure gas pipeline which will connect AGL’s proposed Gas Import Jetty at Crib Point to the Victorian Transmission System, near Pakenham. The proposed AGL Gas Import Jetty will increase energy security and supply for AGL’s customers in south eastern Australia. In addition, the pipeline will present other opportunities for the supply of gas to new and existing developments along the proposed pipeline route, with the pipeline being bi-directional to allow gas to flow from Pakenham and has been designed to allow for future off take valves along the route of the pipeline.

The project will involve the construction of a buried pipeline approximately 55-60 km in length with associated above-ground facilities at each terminal point and along the route of the pipeline. The pipeline is subject to a comprehensive program of regulatory approvals and landowner and community consultation, which will assist APA in finalising the pipeline alignment and managing the potential impacts of the construction and operation of the pipeline.

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