Variable Spring Supports

Variable Spring Supports are used to support pipework which is subject to moderate vertical displacement due to temperature changes or subsidence.
As the supported structure moves upward the force exerted by the spring decreases while the opposite occurs during downward movement.

1. Choose the Spring Type:

Variable spring supports

1. Choose the Spring Series:

  • QV1 (Short)
  • QV2 (Standard)
  • QV3 (Double)
  • QV4 (Triple)


  • Units comprise a pre-compressed spring coil in a cylindrical casing with a load and travel indicator.
  • Individual calibration of the specified load is undertaken by electronic load-travel recorder.
  • Stainless Steel scale plates are provided showing all the individual support details.
  • Standard units are manufactured from carbon steel, but we regularly manufacture units from Stainless Steel.
  • Hot Dip Galvanising and multi-coat paint systems are available.


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