Heavy duty pipe hangers and supports

Height Adjustable Supports

Anchorage manufactures a range of height adjustable supports which provide vertical support for piping, valving and instrumentation that is supported above a solid base. Each support has an adjustment range that can allow for incremental changes to the stand height of up to 60mm down, and 60mm up.

Pipe Clamps

Anchorage pipe clamps can be used with a range of other components in order to create custom or unique pipe support or hanger support systems.

Ancillary Components

In conjunction with Pipe Clamps and other Anchorage pipe support products, ancillary hanging components are able to configured to create a range of bespoke and specialised hanger type systems to suit any requirements.

Saddle Clamps & Guides

Saddle Clamps and U Bolts are used to restrict or constrain pipe movement when fixed to structural steel or other structural members.

Pipe Shoes

Pipe Shoes provide a fixed height support for fixed or sliding applications. Sliding shoes are designed to provide support while allowing movement under specific types of thermal or mechanical load.

Anchorframe modular supports

Anchorframe Modular framing is used in a wide variety of industries and offers several different applications. All our modular framing products are load rated, where applicable. Anchorframe provides a high level of accuracy and efficiency in all applications.

spring supports

Spring Supports can be used in conjunction with other hanging components, or pipe shoes to provide support to the pipe throughout its entire range of movement where thermal or mechanical movement is expected.

insulation supports