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  • Lug and pipe should be the same material grade
  • Often used with AG320
  • Material to be specified by the customer 
    C- Carbon Steel (100°C)
    B- Boiler Plate (470°C)
    A- Alloy Steel (570°C)
    S- Stainless Steel (650°C)
Pipe welding lug
Part NumberW x T (mm)C (mm)H (mm)E (mm)Suitable Drop RodSWL (Kg)Item weight (Kg)
AG340-12C70 x 10481423125600.30
AG340-16C85 x 10581828161,0400.50
AG340-20C105 x 12702235201,6300.75
AG340-24C120 x 16802640242,3601.30
AG340-30C150 x 161003250303,7502.10
AG340-36C175 x 251183858365,4604.40
AG340-42C205 x 251384468427,4805.95
AG340-48C225 x 321505075489,8209.20
AG340-56C265 x 3217858885613,56012.75
AG340-64C300 x 36200661006417,90018.20
Custom sizes and configurations for Pipe Welding Lug are available on request. 
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