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  • Determine the load of the structure – this will indicate the total load bearing area required at a suitable bearing pressure 
  • Decide the number and position of the bearings according to the rigidity and function of the structure 
  • Take account of the operating temperature limits, specify any necessary thermal insulation 
  • Consider any unusual conditions affecting the bearings, such as the need for additional thermal insulation, damping pads, ect.
  • To be specified by customer  
    • Part number
    • Dimension M and P
    • Movement Range (A, B or C)
Part NumberRecommended Load (Kg)M(mm)P(mm)ABC
AG620-01100 - 50070206090120
AG620-02400 - 2000904080110140
AG620-03800 - 450011060100130160
AG620-041500 - 800013080120150180
AG620-052500 - 13000150100140170200
AG620-064000 - 22000180130170200230
AG620-077000 - 43000230180220250280
AG620-0812000 - 70000280230270300330
Anchorage Compact Pipe Shoes are robust support used in slider applications where longitudinal expansion or adjustment may occur.
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