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  • Carbon Steel
  • Custom versions and additional sizes
    available on request
  • Often used with AG320
Welded lug
Part NumberW x T (mm)C (mm)H (mm)E (mm)Suitable Drop RodSWL (Kg)Item weight (Kg)
AG350-1050 x 6751425103800.21
AG350-1250 x 6751825125600.21
AG350-1650 x 10752225161,0400.35
AG350-2050 x 16752725201,6300.55
AG350-2475 x 16753238242,3600.90
AG350-30100 x 161003950303,6301.60
AG350-36125 x 201104563365,2702.90
AG350-42125 x 251105163427,2003.50
AG350-48150 x 251106075489,3504.45
AG350-56150 x 3211068755610,4305.50
AG350-64200 x 32110761006415,2008.30
Custom sizes and configurations for Welded Lug AG350 are available on request. 
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