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Water Treatment Plant Cecil Hills, Sydney, NSW

  • Location

    Water Treatment Plant, Cecil Hills, Sydney, NSW

  • Client

    Comdain Infrastructure

  • Industry

    Civil engineering and infrastructure development, focused on sewage treatment

  • Products used

    AG630 in SS316

Anchorage played a crucial role in the recent sewage treatment plant upgrade at Cecil Hills, as part of Sydney Water’s ongoing refurbishment program in Western Sydney.

We provided several large heavy-duty DN1200 stainless steel height adjustable cradle supports (a standard product in our range) designed to support a massive Ø1220 pipe. These supports are specifically engineered to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring long-term stability and reliability.

By supplying these supports to Comdain Infrastructure, Anchorage enabled the site teams to install the pipe swiftly and efficiently. Moreover, the adjustable feature of the supports allows for future adjustments to accommodate any slab settlement, ensuring continued functionality and structural integrity over time.

This collaboration between Anchorage and Comdain Infrastructure demonstrates a commitment to innovation and excellence in infrastructure development, contributing to the improvement of sewage treatment facilities in the region.

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