Streamline Your Design Process with Anchorage Group’s BIM and CAD Files for Pipe Supports

Introducing Anchorage Group's Design Library

At Anchorage Group, we’re committed to helping draftspeople, designers and engineers operate with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.

Our comprehensive library houses all standard pipe supports in BIM (Revit) and CAD (DWG & STEP) formats. These files are meticulously crafted to cater to your design needs.

Every specification detail counts in the innovative architectural and engineering design world. Draftspeoples, designers, and engineers understand the importance of streamlining their design process to save time and reduce risks.

Speed Up Your Project Design

For large infrastructure projects encompassing plumbing, mining, wastewater systems, civil construction, petrochemicals, and pump systems, our downloadable design files allow designers to choose from a vast array of pipe supports and pipe components while visualising their creations in 3D. This expedites the approval process and enhances communication with end customers.

Reducing Risks & Speeding Up Approval Processes

Our design files are compatible with leading automated drawing software such as BIM, Revit, STEP (or STP), and more. Instead of laboriously crafting pipe supports from scratch, designers can simply select pre-engineered products from our library and configure the correct components within their designs. This significantly reduces the chances of errors and non-compliance issues, ensuring your project stays on course.

Please note that all files in our library are intended for design purposes only and do not possess the level of detail necessary for manufacturing processes.

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Discover Custom Manufacturing Beyond the Catalogue

While our standard product range is impressive, Anchorage Group is about more than just off-the-shelf solutions. We excel in custom manufacturing, a fact that some of our clients might overlook. If you have unique project requirements beyond our catalogue, we have the expertise and capability to manufacture custom pipe supports.

Elevate Your Projects with Anchorage's Custom Pipe Supports

Pipe Spiders

When it comes to pipe supports, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution.

At Anchorage Group, we take pride in our unparalleled ability to customise pipe supports, including custom pipe brackets, custom pipe hangers, custom pipe spiders, custom pipe rollers, custom height adjustable universal mount, custom pipe clamps and custom pipe shoes to meet the unique demands of your project.

With offices in Brisbane (QLD), Griffith (NSW) and Melbourne (VIC), our in-house manufacturing capabilities set us apart, enabling us to craft tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your site conditions and requirements. By opting for a custom-manufactured solution, you’re not just getting a product but a guarantee of best-practice design and an unyielding commitment to asset integrity.

With over 400 years of combined experience in design, manufacturing, and customer service, our team brings a wealth of knowledge. We’ve been integral to countless projects across industries such as Mining, Petrochemical, Water, Marine, and Infrastructure. This hands-on experience in custom manufacturing has honed our expertise, ensuring that your project benefits from the best in the business.

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Don't settle for inferior products when you can have pre-engineered pipe supports with the option for customisation. Trust Anchorage Group to be your partner in achieving unparalleled success in your projects.