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Sunbury Road Upgrade: Engineering Excellence in Underbridge Pipe Supports

  • Location

    Bridge over Jacksons Creek, Sunbury Rd, Goonawarra, VIC

  • Client


  • Industry

    Civil Engineering, focusing on infrastructure development and transportation

  • Products used

    AG110, AG295 and other custom hanger parts


Sunbury Road Upgrade, a pivotal project under Victoria’s ambitious Big Build initiative, aims to enhance connectivity and accommodate future growth. The bridge over Jacksons Creek has emerged as a critical component, particularly focusing on underbridge pipe supports for water, power, and communications. The objective extends beyond transportation enhancement, seeking to elevate the overall liveability of the region by fostering improved connections between communities adjacent to Sunbury Road and the Sunbury town centre. The meticulous engineering focuses on ensuring the longevity, resilience, functionality and low-maintenance requirements of essential pipe infrastructure.

Engineering Partnerships

In the early stages of design, GHD, a leading consulting firm, specified Anchorage for its expertise in proposing suitable products. Anchorage, known for its commitment to quality engineering solutions, collaborated seamlessly with GHD to meet the project’s stringent requirements.

Client Collaboration

Winslow, the client overseeing the Sunbury Road Upgrade, played a crucial role in steering the project toward success. The collaborative efforts between Winslow, GHD, and Anchorage ensured that the engineering design aligned with the project’s goals, adhering to timelines and budgetary considerations.

Innovative Solutions

Incorporating Anchorage’s expertise into the project introduced a range of distinctive features and solutions:

316 Stainless Steel Construction: To combat corrosion and ensure an extended design life, all components of the bridge, particularly the hanger assembly, were expertly manufactured using certified 316 stainless steel. This decision enhances the functionality and longevity of the structure in the face of diverse environmental conditions.

Axial Movement Mitigation: The hanger assembly incorporated bracing elements to minimize axial movement. This thoughtful design enhances not only the structural integrity of the bridge but also contributes to the overall safety and stability of the vital pipelines.

Customized Clamping Solutions: Anchorage’s attention to detail is evident in the customization of clamps to suit prescribed mounting locations in the pre-cast Super-Tee bridge beams. This bespoke approach ensures a seamless integration of components, optimizing both functionality and efficiency, and ensuring perfect fitment on site, where time and resources are limited.

The collaborative efforts of GHD, Winslow, and Anchorage in the Sunbury Road Upgrade stands as a testament to the commitment to quality and excellence in engineering, contributing significantly to the success of Victoria’s Big Build initiative

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