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Height Adjustable Pipe Supports: A Smarter Choice

In the world of pipe support specification and installation, adaptability and efficiency is the name of the game. Whether you’re involved in mining, civil construction, petrochemicals, water, marine, or infrastructure projects, the ability to adjust the height of pipe support has proven to be a major benefit to both installation crews and designers alike.

These versatile supports offer numerous benefits that can simplify installation, reduce costs, and improve overall maintenance. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of adjustable pipe supports, highlighting why they are the preferred choice for many professionals in the field.

Discover the remarkable benefits of adjustable pipe supports in this comprehensive guide, designed to assist Australian contractors, specifiers, and project managers across various industries.

What Are Adjustable Pipe Supports and How Do They Work?

Adjustable pipe supports come in various forms, but they typically consist of a saddle and an adjustable stand. The support section securely cradles the pipe and can be further stabilised with an adjustable U-bolt or similar restraint. By simply turning a lock nut or another rotating component on the stand, you can effortlessly raise or lower the pipes.

Pipe supports elevate pipes, and the vertical alignment can be easily adjusted. This feature enables you to access the undersides of pipes for cleaning, maintenance, or critical modifications to your piping system.

Advantages of Choosing Adjustable Pipe Supports

1. Less Need for On-Site Measurements
One of the primary benefits of adjustable pipe supports is their ability to reduce the need for extensive on-site measurements. Traditional pipe supports often require precise measurements and calculations to ensure a secure fit. However, adjustable supports are designed to adapt to different pipe sizes and configurations, significantly reducing the margin for error in measurements. This flexibility simplifies the planning and installation process, making it more efficient and less prone to costly errors.

2. Easy to Retrofit
In many industrial settings, there is a need to modify or upgrade existing piping systems. Adjustable pipe supports are a versatile solution for maintenance or retrospective /corrective applications. A new pipe support can be added quickly and easily Their adaptability means they can be easily installed onto pre-existing pipes, saving time and resources. This flexibility allows for seamless upgrades and improvements to the existing infrastructure without the need for expensive alterations.

3. Time and Cost Savings
The use of adjustable pipe supports can lead to significant time and cost savings. Traditional pipe supports often require bespoke solutions, which can be time-consuming and expensive. These custom-made supports need to be designed, manufactured, and then shipped to the site, or manufactured on-site. Adjustable supports, on the other hand, are manufactured off-site and require no site welding. The supports can be can be quickly installed, with minimal labour costs. The supports can be easily adjusted on-site, ensuring the pipe is adequately supported.Another significant advantage of adjustable pipe supports is their ability to reduce the number of welds required in your piping system. As most adjustable supports are secured with a U-bolt or open saddle, they don’t need permanent attachment to the pipe via welding. This eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming welds or the need to cut and re-weld supports when expanding the system in the future.Remember, welding, while necessary in some cases, should be minimised to avoid extra work, higher costs, and the potential introduction of weak points in your piping system. Adjustable pipe supports streamline the welding process, reducing both labour and potential vulnerabilities.

4. Enhanced Accessibility for Inspection
Maintenance and inspection of piping systems are critical for ensuring their longevity and safety. Adjustable pipe supports offer an advantage in this area by providing increased accessibility for inspection. Their design allows for easy visual inspection and assessment of the pipes they support. This means that potential issues, such as corrosion, leaks, or damage, can be detected and addressed more quickly and efficiently. Regular inspections can prevent costly repairs and downtime, enhancing the overall safety and reliability of the system.In critical industries like petrochemicals and water treatment, regular inspections are vital for safety and compliance. Adjustable pipe supports provide easy access to critical areas for inspection, making it simpler to adhere to inspection schedules and maintain the highest safety and quality standards.

5. Flexibility, Error Tolerance, and Speed for Unforeseen Adjustments
In any construction project, unforeseen issues and mistakes are inevitable. Without the means to adjust horizontal pipe runs, managing installation errors or last-minute changes can become a daunting task. Adjustable pipe supports provide engineers and installers with the flexibility to accommodate adjustments and unforeseen requirements efficiently. They offer the flexibility needed to deal with imperfect slab levels and limited workspace, making life easier for contractors on the job.

6. Enhanced Safety for On-Site Teams
When pipeline failures occur, the consequences go beyond financial losses—they can jeopardise the safety of your on-site team. In the event of a pipeline failure, quick and precise action is imperative. Adjustable supports empower you to make rapid adjustments without the need to cut through existing structures. These adjustable pipe supports provide easy access to pipes, thus enhancing safety when unexpected incidents affect your team. Anchorage’s off-the-shelf adjustable and customised adjustable pipe supports are meticulously engineered to comply with Australian Standards, NCC, and other relevant WHS/OHS regulations, ensuring the utmost safety.

7. Unwavering Reliability in All Weather Conditions
Harsh weather can wreak havoc on piping systems, necessitating last-minute adjustments. You may need to secure pipes, make quick alterations, or implement spontaneous changes to keep your system functioning optimally in adverse conditions. Anchorage’s adjustable pipe supports are manufactured from galvanised carbon steel for enduring durability. Adjustability offers a hassle-free means of fine-tuning your piping system without the need to disassemble entire sections of pipe, allowing you to adapt to unpredictable weather without costly replacements.

8. Simplified Maintenance
Routine maintenance is essential for combating corrosion and ensuring the longevity of your piping system. However, without easy access to the areas beneath pipes and supports, corrosion may remain undetected and cause damage. Adjustable supports simplify the process of identifying early signs of corrosion and protecting pipes without the need for extensive structural modifications. Accessing the undersides of pipes is as simple as adjusting your pipe support to lift the piping, facilitating maintenance tasks.

9. Flexibility, Error Tolerance, and Speed for Unforeseen Adjustments
In any construction project, unforeseen issues and mistakes are inevitable. Without the means to adjust horizontal pipe runs, managing installation errors or last-minute changes can become a daunting task. Adjustable pipe supports provide engineers and project managers with the flexibility to accommodate adjustments, expansions, or unforeseen requirements efficiently. They offer the flexibility needed to deal with uncertain foundations and limited workspace, making life easier for contractors on the job.

10. Facilitates Upgrades and Future Expansions
Traditional pipe supports typically need to be drawn specifically for the project, significant time is spent drawing supports, tying up valuable resources. Choosing an adjustable height support, with the design files that are available from the manufacturer will result in significant savings in time for designers.

11. Versatile Application Across Industries
Adjustable pipe supports are not limited to a specific industry. They find utility in diverse sectors, such as oil and gas, mining, water treatment, infrastructure, and more. This versatility makes them a valuable asset for contractors and project managers working in various fields, ensuring that these supports are a valuable investment across multiple projects.

12. Improved System Integrity
By eliminating excessive welding and minimising potential weak points in the piping system, adjustable pipe supports help enhance the overall integrity of the system. A more robust and durable system reduces the likelihood of future failures, saving on long-term maintenance and repair costs. For pipes that deliver temperature sensitive liquids, consider Anchorage’s neoprene insulated adjustable pipe supports which are also petrochemical resistant. 

13. Facilitates Upgrades and Future Expansions
As projects evolve, the need for system upgrades and expansions may arise. Adjustable pipe supports simplify these modifications, allowing for seamless adjustments without the need for extensive rework. This flexibility ensures that your piping system can grow or adapt to changing requirements efficiently.

14. Regulatory Compliance
Australian standards and regulations often evolve. Adjustable pipe supports from reputable manufacturers like Anchorage are designed with a focus on compliance with the latest standards and codes. Using compliant supports ensures that your project adheres to the necessary regulations, providing peace of mind and preventing potential legal issues.

15. Efficient Handling of High Temperatures
Some industries deal with extreme temperatures, such as petrochemicals. Adjustable pipe supports are often designed to withstand these conditions, providing a robust solution for managing pipes in high-temperature environments, thereby reducing the risk of accidents or system failures.


Adjustable pipe supports reduce the need for on-site measurements, making installation more straightforward, and they are perfect for maintenance or retrofit applications. 

Additionally, these supports save time and money by eliminating the need for bespoke solutions and provide increased opportunities for inspection, enhancing the overall safety and efficiency of piping systems.

In the construction industry, where efficiency, reliability and cost-efficiency are critical components to success, adjustable pipe supports are a smart choice for professionals looking to streamline their operations and maintain the integrity of their piping systems. Their versatility, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness make them a game-changer for any piping project.

For Australian contractors, specifiers, and project managers in the mining, civil construction, petrochemical, water, marine, and infrastructure sectors, these supports are an essential addition to your toolkit. Anchorage Group’s extensive range of adjustable and customised adjustable pipe supports is engineered with precision to meet Australian Standards and ensure a secure, cost-effective, and adaptable solution for your projects.

About Anchorage’s Adjustable Pipe Supports

Anchorage manufactures a range of height adjustable pipe supports which provide vertical support for piping, valving and instrumentation that is supported above a solid base. Each support has an adjustment range that can allow for incremental changes to the standardard height of up to 60mm down, and 60mm up. 

Anchorage’s adjustable pipe support range include: A630 Adjustable Cradle Mount, A631 Adjustable Clamp Mounts, A632 Adjustable Flange Mounts, A634 Adjustable Insulated Cradle Mounts, A635 Adjustable Telescopic Pipe Stands, and A636 Adjustable Insulated Clamp Mounts.

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