Understanding Pipe Shoes

Anchorage Double Compact Pipe Shoes

Introduction: What are Pipe Shoes?

Pipe shoes are specialised supports that elevate and insulate piping from structures, preserving system integrity in industrial processes.

Key Features of Pipe Shoes:

  • Corrosion Prevention: 
    Pipe shoes shield pipes from direct contact with dissimilar metals, inhibiting electrochemical transfer and galvanic corrosion.

  • Thermal Expansion Control:
    Quality pipe shoes isolate piping from metal structures, counteracting thermal expansion, and preventing movement and damage.

  • Versatility in Design:
    Pipe shoes cater to fixed and sliding applications, providing support and control of movement under thermal or mechanical loads.

  • Insulation and Protection:
    Critical in safeguarding pipes, preventing insulation damage, and minimising wear and movement associated with heat transfer.

Role of Insulated Pipe Shoes:

Preventing heat transfer, reducing thermal expansion, minimising ice formation

Benefits of Insulated Pipe Shoes:

Enhanced thermal efficiency, extended lifespan, corrosion prevention

Considerations for Pipe Supports:

  • Load:
    Evaluate weight, thermal forces, and thrust loads within the piping system.

  • Conditions:
    Consider environmental factors like humidity, seismic activity, and material properties.

Anchorage Pipe Shoes

Quality is paramount at Anchorage. All products are manufactured in accordance with AS4041.2006.

Heavy Duty Pipe Cradle AG550
Clamped Pipe Shoe AG560
Single Pipe Shoe with Base Plate AG565
Double Pipe Shoe With Baseplate AG570
Welded Compact Pipe Shoe – AG580
Insulated Single Pipe Shoe AG585
Insulated Compact Pipe Shoe Double – AG590
Insulated Clamped Pipe Shoe AG595
Teflon Slide Plates Pipe Supports – AG620

Pipe shoes play a multifaceted role in preserving piping systems. At Anchorage, we provide a comprehensive range, including insulated options for enhanced efficiency and longevity as well as custom-made items.
No matter how challenging your project, Anchorage is your partner in creating high-quality, reliable pipe support systems

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