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Choose high-quality pipe brackets for your projects

Development of infrastructure for various purposes needs a sound knowledge of the quality of materials used. If you are in charge of an infrastructure project and looking for pipe brackets and hangers to suit your exact specifications and standards, we can help. We are the trust-worthy and highly-reputed manufacturer in Australia for all kinds of pipe supports, stands, brackets, cradles, equipment and accessories and we will ensure that you receive products which are of the highest quality at all times. With us, you never have to be bothered about the quality of your materials.

Our high-quality pipe support brackets are a great choice

At Anchorage Pipe and Conduit Supports, our brackets are world class. Swift Metal Services manufacture pipe brackets fittings according to exact client specifications and requirements to meet project needs. They can be made to integrate U-bolt or saddles to retain the piping or if you want, a combination of saddle clamps, depending on whatever application you need them for. Our galvanised variety is the highest in demand, though we can manufacture stainless steel ones’ for you if that’s what you need.

Why our pipe brackets fittings are the best

In case of low temperature insulation, these usually face a considerable weak point. Thermal bridges can easily occur if the pipe is not totally separated from the bracket. This can lead to condensation. This again can lead to 3 problems:

  • Loss of energy
  • Corrosion risk
  • Secondary damages may increase leading to high expenses

That is the reason why our product keeps the pipe and bracket isolated from each other. When you use our product, you can be assured of reliability and integrity of your insulation systems. We manufacture products that are totally free of risk from thermal ‘bridging’ and that is why our fittings are the preferred choice of engineers across Australia.

Brief look at the varieties we have on offer

  • Rollers
  • Temporary piping and cable hooks
  • Piggyback saddle and conduit clamps
  • Auxiliary brackets fittings
  • Customised brackets

Why buy from us

There are many reasons you should buy from us. Here are the most important ones.

  • We have worked with many large infrastructure and construction companies all over the country to manufacture structural brackets for them according to their own specifications and standards. You are safe to choose us.
  • We have several standard brackets for you to choose from to fit standard pipe sizes. This ensures ease of selection.
  • We are always ready to provide you with customised products of your choice. Have a look at our catalogue and order from our existing products or ask for something unique.
  • Assurance of high level of quality at all times.
  • Guaranteed on-schedule delivery.

Give us at Anchorage Pipe and Conduit Supports a call at our phone number 1800 899 480 if you are looking for pipe brackets. You can also email us at [email protected] for a complete catalogue of all our products.