What is a Pipe Support?​

A pipe support is a piece of equipment which carries or
supports the weight of a pipe and the fluid in the pipe over a certain length. The function of the pipe support is to guide, anchor, absorb shock or support a specified load, in order to maintain the integrity of the pipework.

Rigid Supports

Rigid pipe supports restrict movement in at least one direction. This support system is directly connected a structural member structure or foundation. Depending on the support design, it may not allow for thermal movement. These include pipe hangers, shoes, cradles and restraint. Click here to understand the different types of rigid pipe supports.

Adjustable Pipe Supports

The design of Adjustable pipe supports is such that manual adjustment can occur, to suit specific site conditions. A threaded assembly provides adjustment where the exact height (BOP) is unclear, or the supports require retro-fitting after installation of pipe.

Spring Supports

Spring supports commonly support piping and other elements that are subject to thermal loads or movement, and will support the pipe while accommodating movement. Commonly used in process piping in the resources, oil & gas and chemical industry, or anywhere thermal loads are a risk to piping or connections..

Which is the right type?

This interactive tool provides a visual simulation of many of the popular pipe hanger configurations

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