Binder to Anchorage Conversion Table (by Part Numbers)

 Conversion chart for Anchorage & Binder part numbers

Anchorage Part Number & Description

Binder Part Number

AG100 Light Duty 2-Bolt Clamp
AG110 Medium Duty 2-Bolt Clamp
AG120 Heavy Duty 2-Bolt Clamp
AG130 2-Bolt Clamp Insulated
AG140 2-Bolt Insulated suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni
AG150 Light Duty 3-Bolt Clamp
AG160 Medium Duty 3-Bolt Clamp
AG170 Heavy Duty 3-Bolt Clamp
AG180 3-Bolt Clamp Hi-Temp
AG190 3-Bolt Clamp V Hi-Temp
AG200 3-Bolt Clamp Insulated BG145
AG210 Insulated 3-Bolt suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni BG146
AG220 Low-Temp Riser Support BG174
AG230 Hi-Temp Riser Support BG175
AG240 V Hi-Temp Riser Support BG176
AG250 Low Temp Clevis Clamp BG108
AG260 Beam Clamp BG222
AG270 Threaded Rod BG202
AG280 Drop-Rod RH/LH BG203
AG290 Forged Weldless Eyenut BG204
AG295 Spade Nut N/A – Anchorage only
AG300 Spade End & Rod BG205
AG310 Hex Connector BG206
AG320 Forged Clevis & Pin BG209
AG330 Forged Turnbuckle BG210
AG340 Pipe Welding Lug BG216
AG350 Welded Lug BG225
AG360 Welded Beam Attachment BG219
AG370 Welded Beam Attachment with Load Pin BG220
AG380 Hemispherical Washer BG214
AG385 Hemispherical Cup & Washer set  
AG390 Hemispherical Cup BG215
AG400 Plate Washer BG217
AG410 Standard Trapeze BG215
AG420 Saddles Guide BG177
AG430 Saddle Clamp BG178
AG440 Saddle Insulated BG160
AG450 Insulated suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni BG161
AG460 Insulated suit FRP pipes BG162
AG470 U-Bolt Guide Heavy Duty BG180
AG480 U-Bolt Clamp Heavy Duty BG181
AG490 U-Bolt Clamp Insulated BG150
AG500 Insulated U-Bolt suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni BG151
AG510 U-Bolt Guide Insulated BG152
AG520 Insulated U-Bolt Guide suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni BG153
AG530 U-Bolt Guide Teflon & Insulation BG154
AG540 Insulated U-Bolt Clamp suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni BG155
AG550 Pipe Cradle Heavy Duty BG510
AG560 Clamped Pipe shoe BG515
AG565  Compact Pipe Shoe Single N/A – Anchorage only
AG570 Compact Pipe Shoe Double BG517
AG580 Welded Pipe Shoe BG518
AG590 Insulated Pipe Shoe BG156
AG600 Insulated suit Cupro Nickle Cu/Ni BG157
AG610 Clamped Hot Pipe Shoe BG400
AG620 Teflon & Steel Base Plates BG550
AG630 HAPS Cradle Mount BG135
AG631 HAPS Clamp Mount BG136
AG632 HAPS Flange Mount N/A – Anchorage only
AG635 HAPS Telescopic N/A – Anchorage only
AG640 Pipeline Stops BG555
AG650 Pipe Guides BG560
AG660 Shoe Guides BG570
AG670 Shoe Guides BG580
Variable Spring Supports BV35 – BV70 – BV140 – BV210
Constant Spring Supports BC50 – BC54
AG830 Hydraulic Snubber BG310
AG840 End attachment for hydraulic Snubber BG315
AG850 Snubber clamp – low temperature BG320
AG860 Snubber clamp – high temperature BG321
AG870 Snubber Clamp – V Hi temperature BG322
AG880 Rigid Strut BG350
AG890 End attachment for Rigid Strut BG355
AG900 Sway Brace BG340
AG910 HD PUF Cryo Pipe shoe – Base Bottom BG600
AG920 HD PUF Cryo Pipe shoe – Base Top & Bottom BG601
AG930 HD PUF Cryo Pipe shoe – Base Sides & Bottom BG602
AG940 HD PUF Cryo Pipe shoe – Base all 4 axis BG603
AG950 Standard Cold Shoe BG615
AG960 Trunnion Cold Support BG620

These comparisons are generic only & does not mean the parts are identical.
The customer must satisfy itself of compatibility. 
We accept no liability for any loss or damage where products other than Anchorage have been specified.


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